Light Tower

Combining state-of-the-art LED technology with a small air-cooled diesel engine, the Milex Light Tower outperforms the competition in effective illumination and fuel efficiency. Fuel consumption is measured in sips rather than gallons. A 65-gallon (246-liter) fuel tank can deliver more than 200 hours of continuous operation. The four LED floodlights feature unique optics, designed specifically for use on light towers. The 2000W lighting system produces 210,000 lumens at 5000K, delivering crisp lighting to the work area.

The Milex Light Tower can be operated in Manual or Automatic mode—easily selectable from the main control panel—allowing equipment operators and shift supervisors to perform their primary functions. With no start-up or cool-down time required, the Milex Light Tower can easily be mobilized, moved or demobilized at a moment’s notice, without damage to the lamps or delay to relight.

This carefully engineered and ergonomically friendly light tower is mounted on an American-designed and -manufactured, galvanized, welded-steel chassis with a reversible coupler as standard equipment. The trailer is equipped with an oversized 3,500 lb. axle and large 15” tires to handle demanding terrain. The compact design makes one-person operation easy and allows towing by virtually any vehicle. A five-point footprint creates safe and stable support for operations in high-wind environments (60 MPH rated at lowest operating weight).

The air-cooled diesel engine on the Milex Light Tower is certified to EPA Tier 4 emissions standards and is CARB compliant. At less than 10 HP, this engine helps reduce emissions and fuel costs and may also help free up air quality permit space for other essential equipment.
Product Information


  • 7.3 HP Air-cooled Diesel Engine
  • 6 kW Brushless Generator
  • EPA Tier 4 and CARB Compliant
  • Electric Start
  • Low Oil Pressure Auto Shutoff
  • 65 Gallon (246 liter) Fuel Tank
  • More than 200 Hours of Run Time
  • Auto On/Off function
  • 120VAC Convenience Outlet
  • 2000W System Power Draw
  • 210,000 Lumen Output at 5000 Kelvin
  • Three-year LED Warranty
  • Compact Design and Size
  • Galvanized Welded Steel Frame and Mast
  • 25 ft (7.6 m) mast
  • Electric Winch with 10 ft Wired Remote
  • Five-point-footprint Stability
  • 3,500 lb. Axle
  • 15” Tires
  • Reversible Coupler
  • Forklift Pockets