Powerbeam 5000

Tough, Heavy Duty LED Work Light

With the Power Beam 5000, HELLA presents a groundbreaking new generation of LED worklights. The Power Beam 5000 was developed for the toughest use conditions on construction sites and in mining. Only the latest technology and materials were used.

23 high-power LEDs generate an impressive light output of 4500 lumens distributed evenly across the entire work area by a specially developed multi-faceted reflector. Despite its enormous light output, the Power Beam 5000 only consumes an efficient 70 watts. The lamp can be operated with both 12V and 24V DC. The integrated electronics are reverse polarity protected and equipped with an LED fault jumper. This ensures the worklight’s function even in the unlikely case of an LED failure, while at the same time guaranteeing constant brightness even with a fluctuating operating voltage of between 9 and 33 volts.

With its color temperature of 6500° Kelvin , the light from the Power Beam 5000 worklight is very similar to daylight. This guarantees excellent color reproduction at night, and supports sensory perception by the human eye. This has been shown to improve production and prevent eyestrain.

The Power Beam 5000’s black housing is made of aluminum and incorporates cooling fins to ensure excellent heat dissipation from the 23 high-power LEDs. Additionally, a temperature sensor protects the worklight from overheating. This sophisticated system is essential to ensure that the customer can leverage the LEDs output throughout their entire design life – up to 130 times that of a halogen filament bulb.

Product Features

  • Light output (measured): 4500 lumens
  • Power consumption: 70 watts
  • 23 high performance LEDs
  • Color temperature: 6500° or 4000° Kelvin
  • Available in close range or long range configuration
  • Stainless steel heavy duty Trunnion bracket
  • Multivolt™ 9-33V DC compatible
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Transient spike circuit protection
  • Thermal management
  • High quality aluminum housing for heavy duty use
  • DT connector
  • Strong resistance to vibration
  • Hardly any temperature buildup at the lens
  • IP 6K9K / IP 6K8 (high pressure cleaning resistant / submersible)
  • Mounting angle guide
  • LED fault bypass
  • Protected against EMC interference
  • ECE-R10 approved
  • RMC Compliant
  • Approximate LED service life = 16,000 hours (dependant on the ambient temperature of the LEDs