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Milex Manufactures light Towers and custom equipment for the mining, construction and industrial markets. We are committed members of the community, focused on providing creative solutions that improve operations through safety, simplicity and efficiency.

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Milex Technologies was formed in 2002 in Elko, Nevada in response to an international mining company's need for an LED warning beacon for mobile mining equipment. The first version of beacons was designed and produced in the company founder's garage and shipped in March 2002. The product was unique in that it could be programmed for a variety of visual effects: rotating beacon, flashing lights, alternating directional lights and more.

Milex quickly graduated from the home-based prototype to commercial manufacturing facilities first in Elko, and then in Belleview, Idaho. We’ve since engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of a complete line of robust LED beacons and lighting products for the industries who rely on us.

In 2004, German lighting company Hella contracted Milex to manufacture beacons under their brand for distribution across their global sales network. Four years later, Milex and Hella formed a joint venture. Together, we began distributing Hella lighting products to the mining industry, including a full line of LED work lights and accessories. This partnership significantly expanded the US market for the initial warning beacon, now bearing the Hella brand.

Emerging from the joint venture in 2015, Milex set out on a new course, again with the goal to improve efficiency and safety through lighting. An advanced diesel-powered LED light tower capable of replacing older metal-halide technology was the first development push. In February 2016, the first prototypes were tested and demonstrated in the real world—the mine sites that would come to rely on them.

Recognizing the opportunities afforded by remarkably lower power requirements, Milex developed Satellite Light Towers capable of working off other light towers’ power or from existing line power. The combined efficiency of the diesel and satellite light towers further highlighted the advantages of LED technology.

Our history demonstrates Milex Technologies’ commitment to the development and production of high-quality, rugged equipment which is simple to operate and easy to service. Whether designing cutting-edge lighting solutions or assisting customers with upgrading and even developing new generations of existing equipment, Milex has the ingenuity and expertise to answer the most exacting needs.

Milex maintains sales offices in Elko, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona. While specializing in mining applications, we also serve a broad range of commercial and industrial projects, searching continually for new solutions to old challenges.